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Klain Simmental Ranch

Our Priority

At KSR, we raise fundamentally functional cattle that can exceed and adapt in any scenario and have been since 1972. We believe an operation is only as strong as its cow herd. We have built a foundation of sound, high-performing, and maternally strong females who have proven to raise great herd sires and replacement females. After over 40 years of production sales, KSR has grown to offer a variety of cattle to fit the needs of your herd.

The Born in the Barn, Sold in the Barn Sale

The Klain Simmental Annual Production Sale is on the first Saturday of February with an open house the weekend before. Whether you have a commercial operation in the Badlands and are looking to add pounds to your calves, or have a registered herd in the Valley looking for new yet proven genetics— we have cattle to fit your needs.

About Us & Our History

Durnell began breeding Simmentals back in 1972 when he and his father, Leonard, bred some of their Hereford cows to Simmental bulls. This began our journey with the Simmental Breed. We have been having an annual production sale for 41 years, we offer Simmental and Sim-Angus bulls, open heifers, and bred heifers. We artificially inseminate a large portion of our mature cows and all replacement heifers. In addition to the cattle, we raise corn, oats, wheat, durum, canola, and soybeans.

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Thank you for your interest in our program!

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